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Agnes Sanford's book 'The Healing Light' is an intimate look at the inner workings of prayer and healing. It is remarkable, because it is a first person account of God's Love working through her, not just dry theology.

The method is so simple, a child can learn it. It is simply to connect in spirit with the Love of God, send that love to another person, and see him re-created in goodness and joy and peace. The method is simple, but not many Christians have found it.

The Lord that dwells in your heart and in my heart is the same Lord that created the heaven and the earth. If you open your heart to Him, His Love, and Joy, and Peace, and Healing Light will overflow you and flow into the people that need it. Agnes was able to get in the Presence, stay in the Presence, and overflow her Presence to heal those in distress. This overflow must have an outlet, else it will stagnate. God's love is not just for you, it is for everyone, regardless of their theology, their race, their social standing, or their lack of faith.

The reason our prayers fail is because of 'our lack of faith'; because we pray with our mind, and not with our spirit. Her recommendations for prayer are to relax, to meditate on the presence of God within us, and to thank Him for His indwelling power. In her case, this was her unceasing prayer for months (or years?) before she learned of the healing power within her. She is very aware that the healing light is the Lord working through her, not her 'special gift'. She is also very careful to focus only on the Lord Himself during prayer, not on the condition she is praying for.

She has discovered that what she forgives on earth, is forgiven in heaven. The first step of forgiveness is to overcome resentment, and learn to love someone who may be unlovable. The second step is to bless others in the name of the Lord, patiently correcting every uncharitable thought and replacing it with a thought of love. All forgiveness is of Him, and as we forgive, we permit Him to set others free by His Love. As we practice forgiveness, we discover more and more that forgiveness and healing morph into a consciousness of God, and we find after a while, that we desire God more for his own sake than for ours. And in the end, we offer ourselves up to God for His own purposes.

Agnes is very clear that God's Love is for everyone. Even if you don't agree with their theology. Here's some Christians that disagree. Here's an Agnes Sanford diatribe that calls Agnes' methods 'a dangerous combination of psychology and new-age spirituality; unbiblical theological notions gleaned from a occult spirituality'. The Berean Call takes Agnes to task for 'spreading her terribly destructive false teachings and therapies throughout the church' and calls Agnes 'the woman who has had the most adverse influence on modern Christianity'.

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