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Marguerite Porete - The Mirror of Simple Souls

Marguerite Porete

Marguerite Porette is one of my favorite people. Here's a 15 second summary of the book. Nobility, in Marguerite Porete's lexicon has to do with a soul's ability to resonate to the Lord's Love. When a soul is first birthed from God, it is cast like a bell during it's outflowing. Some souls resonate more easily to God's Love than others. Annihilation refers to the death of the soul's own-willing, own-having, and own-knowing; to be replaced by God's-willing, God's-having, and God's knowing. A noble soul sees this death and resurrection as her natural place in God.

The Cloud Of Unknowing was written circa 1380 by an anonymous english monk. It's a letter from a master to a newcomer to contemplation. Here's the original 14th century text, here's the full text in King James english and here's the summary in modern english.  The 15 second summary... God is love.. and you can not know him with your natural mind, but only with love. Between you and the Lord is a cloud of unknowing. Only the prayer love from your heart can penetrate the cloud of unknowing. Don't give up. If any thoughts arise in your mind - no matter how holy - ignore them. And ignore feelings of bliss and visions and miracles. Focus on his love and his relationship with you. This prayer probably predates christianity, and is found in every major religion. In the 1960's, the prayer was repackaged and made into a business by three catholic priests and renamed Centering Prayer.

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