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Auto-de-fe. "Act of faith". The polite name for burning heretics at the stake. Church history spin doctors have managed to suppress the excesses of the inquisition. "The chronicler of Treves reported that in the year 1586, the entire female population of two villages was wiped out by the inquisitors, except for only two women left alive. A hundred and thirty-three persons were burned in a single day at Quedlinburg in 1589, out of a town of 12,000... Strasbourg burned five thousand in a period of 20 years." (

Julian of Norwich was a cloistered nun in 14th century England, born about 30 years after Marguerite Porette died. She was born the same year as Geoffrey Chaucer, She was contemporary with the Friends of God movement in France and Germany and with Walter Hilton. She was ten+/- years old when Meister Eckhart died. She wrote 'Showings' within a few years of the 'The Cloud of Unknowing'. I'd say there was majormajor spiritual revival in her time. Click here to see a short bio and some of her thoughts..

Meister Eckhart. About a year after Marguerite died, Meister Eckhart arrived in Paris to teach at the University of Paris. One of the Meister's housemates was member of the Inquisition who tried and condemned Marguerite. Although there is no direct evidence, it is highly likely that the Meister had access to the book and/or the Friends of God. The touchpoints between Marguerite and the Meister are remarkable. Especially when you consider that most the Meister's recorded sermons seem to be from his later life. The Meister was born in 1260, so he would have been 50 years old in 1310. The Meister died 17 years later in 1327.